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EVA is a home energy monitor and a web user interface. Get the power consumption data of the main appliances in your home. Knowing the costs of operation allows you to better manage the use and determine if a device is defective. With free over-the-air updates, your EVA will become more effective.

A smart addition to your current electric vehicle charging station. All information on the costs of each recharge, history by time period and real-time monitoring. compatible with all. EV interface is a free addition to the regular energy monitor user Interface.

EVA by EV Sens


EVA : Energy monitor unit and web user interface

The EVA system consists of a module installed near your electrical panel and a web platform allowing you to know the power consumption of the main appliances in your home. If you own an electric vehicle, EVA lets you know the costs associated with charging your electric vehicle. Reading can be done from any computer or mobile having access to the Internet and gives you information by charging session or by time period (Day, Week, Month).

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