Transform your regular electric vehicule charger in a smart EV charger
There is no need to change the charging station for a connected terminal to access all the charging statistics of your electric vehicle.
  • Compatible with all residential charging stations on the market up to 80A.
  • Convert an outdoor 240V outlet to a smart EV outlet
  • Allows you to generate power consumption reports related to your vehicle.
  • Software updates via the Internet allow you to protect your investment and ensure you always have access to the latest EV Sens features.

Add up to 5 more CTs to get data on other electric appliiances

With the EVA system located near the electrical panel, you can see the power consumption of other important appliances in the home such as the water heater, spa, stove.
Check out our smart home section for more details

Includes an EVA module to plug near your electrical panel

A current sensor to install easily on the wire of the circuit feeding the charging station
Free access to the web platform to see your consumption history from any device connected to the internet
Access to the local live monitoring interface. Allows you to see the consumption of your charging station and your other devices in real time
A custom configuration to your vehicle depending on the model and color gives you the fuel savings and Co2 vs. a vehicle similar to gasoline


Tax paid

Free web platform

Shipping 24h

Web user interface

An intuitive user interface giving you access to your usage statistics per recharge session or by day, week, month.